We have a lot of excitement and anticipation in our home this evening.   It is snowing!!  Will there be school tomorrow?  Or will the kids get to hear the those much anticipated words ringing in their ears – “No school, it’s a snow day”!   Honestly I’m not sure who has more excitement, the kids or me.  Snow is very nostalgic for me and it brings back so many fun memories – sledding, snow men, hot cocoa, bon-fires, ski trips with family and close friends, and the warmth of the fire while cuddled under a warm blanket with a good book.  Today’s image is a reminder of warmth.  Is there anything warmer than a child’s bright eyes, rosy cheeks, and drooling smile?  Whether young or old, little ones warm the heart and make people smile.


2 thoughts on “Warmth

  1. I couldn’t agree more. The chocolate chip cookies and waffles are just waiting to be produced over here. In addition 4 oil paintings
    are waiting to be finished! Kids, get your brushes!!!

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