Snow Day

Good morning snow day

Well, all of the anticipation of yesterday was not misspent.  What a glorious sight this morning to wake up to the new fallen snow.  It was so crisp and clean and perfect, with the exception of some rabbit tracks.   Seeing the tracks reminded me of Watership Down by Richard Adams.  He is an amazing writer and this particular novel reminds the reader that he, Adams, has an incredible imagination and a real talent for putting the vivid details of it into writing.   If you are a person who enjoys animal tales, you would enjoy this book.

When I speak of imagination I can’t help but think of my daughter.  She has an imaginary friend, who has friends and family and a very extensive life.  Let’s just say that if Gracie has heard anyone say anything about anyone or anything, the imaginary friend experiences it in some imaginary form too.   Not exactly sure where she gets this gift, but I can say that this morning as I was contemplating getting out from underneath the warm covers and listening to my husband remove snow with the snow blower I was imagining what beautiful images might be awaiting me outside.

So, before the kids were awake this morning I snuck outside – not before bundling up – with my camera in hand to see if  I could get some fabulous images of the snow before it was tracked by the kids and Daisy.  Unfortunately our yard is not what you could call a landscape photographers dream.  However, I was able to capture a handful of “keepers” and will share a couple of them here.  The best images of the day were probably of the children playing and sledding in the snow.  I won’t post them all today, but you will probably see them over time.   Be patient with me…I want to keep you guessing as to what might be coming next. 😉  As if I know before I sit down to type…..

In the above image, the sun was just rising in the sky.  I underexposed the image a bit so that the tree would look more like a silhouette.  The sun and shadows, which you can’t see in this image, were simply gorgeous.  In the first image below you see my trio playing in the snow.  I love the rosy cheeks.  Joshua was prepared for sledding with the helmet on!   Gracie and Sam didn’t put theirs on until absolutely necessary.   (Yes, I am one of those over protective mothers – but in a good way!) In the second image below I captured the magic of an icicle hanging from the wreath, which quickly melted once the sun shone directly on it.

Snow Stack


2 thoughts on “Snow Day

  1. Gorgeous. I captured a few also, but did not
    download as of yet. Remember, I have to walk out to a studio…which is all of 4 feet away…brrrr. Anyway, Interested in your helmets. We had a very scary “near head” experience yesterday so now I think I am going to go buy some. It will be fun convincing a 10 and 8 and 7 year old that I insist they wear them. Are they special or just bike?

    • Kim,

      The helmets the kids use for sledding are their ski helmets. We probably bought ours at Buckmans, but you can find them at Sports Authority, or Dick’s Sporting Goods. The boys build ramps, and snow board on their sleds over the ramps, etc. With the trees and fence lining the back of our property I’m always afraid they will hit a tree – or worse, each other….
      Good luck. Now is probably a good time to buy helmets as they are probably on sale.

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