Contemplation in Silhouette

I labeled this image contemplation because it reminds me of times when life feels so good and is going so well, yet something is luring us to make a change – to do something different.  In this image, the subject is inside, in the warmth and comfort of a home watching the snow fall.  He is young, so chances are that he is contemplating the fun that could be had outside in the snow.  Perhaps he is contemplating whether or not it will be worth bundling up and venturing out in the cold and leaving the warmth and comfort.

LIfe is full of decisions related to change.  Change, small or large, is often very alluring and results in considerable contemplation.  In relation to major life changes, I love the old adage “the grass isn’t always greener on the other side”.  It is always a good idea, as we contemplate the decisions we are faced with to consider – whether or not the grass really will be greener on the other side, and let God guide us in making the right decisions: to change, or not to change.


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