Today I spent the  morning with two incredible women who I am fortunate to call friends.  Friendship is not something to take for granted.  People that you can trust, share your inner being with, laugh with, cry with, and be completely yourself with, are to be treasured.  I am a person who takes time to warm up to people.  I’m not ready to share my inside world with just anyone, I need to get to know others first, and develop a sense of comfort and trust.  I know a lot of people who, like me, are tentative about jumping into friendships.  There are times when one person nudges the other along until the friendship can be established.  Sometimes, there is an immediate connection and the relationship moves forward with lightning speed and it seems as though there was never a time that the people in the relationship ever lived without the other.  These connections continue to develop and before long, the depth of the friendship is rooted deep in the soul.  No matter how the friendship develops,  it is therapeutic to be with friends with whom you have such relationships, the time spent together sooths the soul, and brightens the horizons.  These are the types of friends I spent my day with, enjoying breakfast, and taking a walk to see the captivating sights of winter.

The image below not only reminds me of my dear friends because they were with me when I shot it, and were very tolerant of me stopping every time I saw light in action, but because of the symbolism found in the image.

Notice the reflection.  Who needs a mirror when amongst good friends?  True friends will tell you if you have spinach from your veggie omelet in your teeth, or when your lipstick or mascara are smeared.

Notice the branch teetering on the ledge of the waterfall.  Good friends provide balance in our lives when we need it most.

Notice the height of the trees in the reflection.  Good friends provide encouragement, and give us strength to move through the challenges of life so that we can stand tall and face the challenges with confidence.

Notice the reflection of the old stone building.  Friends’ doors are always open for a friend to stop by when they need to share good news, or when they need a cup of coffee and advice.

Notice the waterfall – how refreshing!  Good friends always keep life fresh and exciting through laughter and new experiences.

Representation of Friendship

1 thought on “Friendship

  1. I was anxiously awaiting a picture of you, Michelle and Missy when I saw the subject title….Glad you had a good brunch this a.m. I love the picture and what it represents. Love you too! me 🙂

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