Ice Land

February 2nd was a day to be remembered.  The ice storm brought forth a great lesson in appreciation of electricity, warmth, and technology for the younger generations who aren’t familiar with life without television and video games.  They cannot recollect a time without cable television, computers, and electronics.  It was fun watching my children find things to do to entertain themselves during the ice storm.  It was also fun reminiscing with my husband, and telling our children about the days when we were growing up without the luxuries they have and so often take for granted.  To pass the time during the storm, my camera, the kids and I went on a treasure hunt to find images of ice.  Here are just a few taken from the window.  Enjoy!

Dogwood in Ice

Tree Branches in Ice

Tree Branches, Shallow Depth of Field

Trees in Ice

Ice Forest

Pear Tree In Ice

Icicles in Rythm

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