A Story Told

If you ask some physical therapists about becoming a ballerina, they will express concern.  A friend of mine who is a physical therapist told me that people who do ballet for  years and years can develop problems with their feet.  Oh how I hated to hear this.  Ballet is so beautiful and feet so important – no one wants pain in every step they take.  I myself was never a dancer.  I sometimes wish I had been, but when I was young I wasn’t interested in it.  In fact, when my mother took me to dance lessons for a short time I cried and cried – the instructor terrified me.  I now I have a daughter and after seeing the ballet numerous times, and having the opportunity to photograph it, I sometimes wish she would dance – but only if she really wants to, and we’ll have to figure out how to protect her feet.  My daughter is young, we won’t know what her true loves in life will be until she is much older, but right now, she loves dance class and wants to be a ballerina and dance on stage some day.  When I second shot the Nutcracker dress rehearsal I thought about my daughter and who and what she might become.  The image I am posting today ties all of this together – the beauty of ballet, the emphasis on the feet, and the dreams of little girls who grow up to achieve their dreams through hard work and dedication.  After hours of rehearsal, the company dancers sat on the stage listening to feedback from the director of the production.  One by one the dancers began to untie and remove their ballet slippers. Their feet needed rest.

A Story Told

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