The word Grace means many things.  When a person looks up the name Grace it means “blessing”.  Last night when reading a parenting book titled “Boundaries with Kids” that a friend recommended to me by Dr. Henry Cloud and Dr. John Townsend, which I was reading because I mis-placed the novel “Cutting for Stone” that I was previously reading”, I read this definition of Grace: Grace includes support, resources, love, compassion, forgiveness, and all of the relational sides of God’s nature.

Meet my Grace


In an earthly, familial way, Grace meets the criteria specified in the definition of Grace above.  She meets the “name” definition, because she truly is a blessing to our family. We named her Grace after my father, which is why I am writing about her this evening.

As I was running a rather long run today my mind kept wondering to thoughts of my father.  It was six years ago today that he passed away after a valiant fight against esophageal cancer.  It certainly wasn’t a pretty death, but what was beautiful was that my three sisters, mother and I were all at his side and had been diligently taking care of him for the months preceding his last four days on hospice and when he passed away.  It wasn’t long after he passed away that my youngest son went to school for full days and I was lonely at home.  I thought to myself that we should get a puppy.  But, within a week of the “puppy thought” we discovered I was pregnant with our little blessing – Grace.  She was named Grace because it means blessing and we believe that my father, the man that swore to me that two children was enough (man-to-man defense) and that I shouldn’t have more babies, got to heaven and suggested to God that I needed a little girl.  Therefore, she is our little unplanned blessing.

I don’t think a day goes by that I don’t look at her and think of my father.  Oh how he would have treasured her and laughed hysterically at her fluffy pink tutu in combination with her Chicago Bear’s football jersey – her staple outfit despite the fact that she has a closet full of beautiful “girlie” clothes.

With all of that said, tonight’s blog is in tribute to my father, the man I miss dearly, but forever hold in my heart; and my daughter Grace – our little blessing.

5 thoughts on “Grace

  1. Oh how I love this girl and her style, she sure is something…I can’t wait to see her and the boys, just a couple weeks and I will be there…but who is counting? I thought of dad so much today, I always do but more so today, not just because today is the anniversary of his death but because he carried his sense of humor with him all the way to the end…He always said that there were two things that were certain in life, Death and Taxes…Leave it to him to go out with a bang and die on Tax day, can’t help but smile when I think of that. I miss him so much! He would find so much joy in these three little girls he never met! Love you sis and thank you for sharing!

  2. Dear Robyn,
    How beautifully touching. May the memory of your dad continue to live in your heart just as your love for Grace grows. When you and I run together, I will share a touching father-son scene I encountered yesterday while running at the Doylestown Cemetary.

  3. As so often, your words brought tears to my eyes and your photograph of “our” Gracie, brought a smile to my wet face. God does work in mysterious ways and he gave the entire family a gift when he graced us with her. Your photographs are so beautiful.

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