A Late Night Visitor

Late one evening last week I looked out of my kitchen window to see an interesting sight.  The luna moth in the images below was resting on my window screen.  Adult luna moths such as this one only live for approximately one week.  Their sole purpose it to hatch from a cocoon, mate, lay eggs, and then die.  Two generations of luna moths are born per year.  In some areas they are considered endangered.  This particular luna moth is female – her antennae are not feathered.  I’m guessing that she must have laid her eggs and was ready to die – as sad as that sounds.  She was weak.  As I was taking photographs of her she began to slide down the window screen.  She didn’t appear to have much strength.  Eventually she fell to the ground and I assumed she had died.  My imagine, as wild as is it, began wondering if this was some sort of omen….but alas, she was still alive in the morning, which is when I was able to get some fabulous, up close images of her.

Luna moth at night on screen

Luna Moth

Luna Moth in Black and White

To learn more about the Luna Moth, check out this website:


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