Happy Father’s Day

Six years ago I lost my father to cancer.  I went through a period where it was hard to celebrate the day and focus on other fathers in my life.  Although I still miss my father tremendously, and there will always be a vacancy on Father’s Day, I have my wonderful husband to be thankful for.  He is a terrific father to my children;  always there for them, encouraging them, supporting them, disciplining them, teaching them, coaching them, and loving them.  We did not make any special plans today, just let Dad decide what we were doing. The choices were to go to church, ride bicycles to town for lunch, and then play golf.  It was a beautiful day spent as a family.  A day to remember.

Father and Daughter - a special bond

The Two that Always Ensure Dad Doesn't have a Dull Moment

My Crew!

1 thought on “Happy Father’s Day

  1. John is a wonderful father and husband. I thank God that he brought a man much like your dad into your life. Of course, I think he is lucky to have you too! Great pictures.

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