Summer Garden

It is officially summer.  Our garden is blossoming and producing more fruit and vegetables than we had ever imagined when we planted it in the spring. We have so many zucchini and cucumbers that my sons are going to have  “produce stands” instead of a lemonade stands this summer.  Grilled zucchini was on the menu for dinner last night and it was fabulous!  Just a little olive oil and salt and pepper and it couldn’t have been better!  Moving onto zucchini bread for breakfast in the morning!

Our first pickings are of green vegetables.  We are anxiously awaiting the red peppers and ripe tomatoes to grace us with their presence and brighten the garden with their vibrant colors.

Enjoy the monochromatic nature of the images below.

Zucchini, Cucumber, Pepper Trio





Flowering Chives

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