My Baby is Four

Our little surprise blessing is 4 today.  I cannot believe how fast the time has gone by.  When we first found out we were pregnant with her we were surprised and quite overwhelmed.  We were content with the “man-to-man defense” life-style we had with our two boys.  Going back to life with a baby was a little daunting as was the thought of being out numbered by children.  As soon as our little girl was born, however, things just fell into place and life went on, one way or another.  The majority of her four years have been spent on lacrosse fields, football fields, basketball courts, and more recently the golf course.  She is content just going wherever we go because she doesn’t know any other way of life.  She is truly a blessing to all of us, makes life very interesting, and keeps all of us on our toes.

If you have visited the blog recently you’ll recognize the outfit in the images below.  I purchased three of the outfits so that my daughter and nieces, who all have summer birthdays, could be photographed together.  When it came time to photograph them, my daughter decided she didn’t want to have her photograph taken.  So, my nieces had their own photo shoot at the beach, and Gracie, the next day, requested her own private photo shoot.  See what I mean – she keeps us on our toes!  So, here you have my four  year old daughter playing in the back yard in her birthday portrait outfit.  Today we celebrate Her, and thank God for the little (or HUGE) surprises he throws our way.  Without those surprises, life wouldn’t be as interesting, and I would have missed out on a lot of love and joy (and probably headaches too 😉 )!

Being silly in her birthday outfit

Always deep in thought

3 thoughts on “My Baby is Four

  1. happy birthday Gracie, I was thrilled when your mom told me she was pregnant. I just knew you were going to be a little girl! I love you so much and your momma too! Grammy

  2. You know Robyn, we have a “little surprise” of our own here, but her name is Tess. You have spoken perfectly. It’s the way God surprises us that make life interesting. I am so thankful everyday for being spontaneous and open to surprises! – NOW I KNOW, it’s the only way to live! Enjoy the Chaos…it won’t be around forever!!

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