Costa Rica

My family and I just returned home from a fabulous trip to Costa Rica.  Attached are just a few images that I had fun converting to watercolor prints.  We learned so much about the culture in this incredibly gorgeous country.  Of course we saw many breathtaking sites, visited wonderful places, and did many fun things, but the best part of our trip were the local people.  They were so kind and tolerated our abundance of questions and taught us so much.  It was an eye opening experience in so many ways, but primarily for our sheltered suburban children to see how people/communities live in the shadow of poverty.  We learned that every village is a town if it has four things: a church, a school, a soccer field, and a bar.  And sure enough, we saw at least one of each in every “town” we traveled through.  We also saw a lot of pharmacies which John and I enjoyed.  We learned that the pharmacists in Costa Rica actually prescribe certain drugs and a prescription from the physician is not necessary for those specific medications.  This came in especially convenient when the kids developed swimmer’s ear.  Enjoy the images –  I’ll share more later.

Coffee beans

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