My oldest child had his 12th birthday yesterday.  I cannot believe how quickly those 12 years flew by.  I still remember the day he was born as though it were yesterday.  John and I were so naive and absolutely clueless about how to raise children despite the volumes of books we read trying to prepare.  The arrival was priceless as is any birth – miracles, each and every one.  John was so nervous he dropped and broke the camera.  When the baby arrived, the doctor let John state what the gender of the baby was.  John said, “it’s a boy” with great pride.  My response to that proud statement was “I don’t know what to do with a boy!”.  The doctor very kindly responded, “well, I can’t put him back!”   We still get a good laugh out of that morning.

My son is one of three of the greatest blessings God has granted me.  He is strong, beautiful, intelligent, and mine!  That fact amazes me.  He is shy, though, and often gets anxious about life events.  He doesn’t like to step outside of his box and his comfort zone.  I’m afraid sometimes that people will think of him as not being nice because he is so shy and doesn’t speak out, but deep down inside him is a very sensitive and caring individual who hates to see others hurting or made fun of.   I’m thankful each day for the bundle of joy given to me 12 years ago.

Happy birthday Big Fella (this nickname arrived when our second son was born)!

The Big Fella

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