Customized Commissions

People often find purchasing gifts to be a major source of stress.  Pressure to find and deliver the perfect, most meaningful gift, can mount to high levels.  As a photographer, I am here to help alleviate that pressure and eliminate the stress related to gift buying.

Tonight’s blog features an image that I was recently commissioned to create.  A friend, who is also an interior designer, wanted to give her husband a special gift for his birthday and Christmas.  She also had a room in her home that she had recently redecorated.  In this room was a wall needing a little attention.  She came to me with an idea to capture some of her husband’s favorite wines and create art work for the newly decorated room.  To make the art work even more customized and special, we incorporated wine glasses used for their wedding toast, as well as other trinkets such as personal favorite wine bottle corks.  The final image selected (not shown) was printed on a 30 x 40 gallery wrap canvas and hung on the wall to complete the decorating project, and give her husband a gift to cherish.  A gift he loved!

This gift idea can be transferred to any object for any person for any occasion…..a favorite flower, a first pair of ballet slippers, a favorite pet, a hobby, a sport, books, tools, etc.   The list goes on and on.

The gift of customized photography is a timeless, priceless gift.

A Timeless Treasure

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