Moving Mountains

There is an old Proverb quote – “Faith does move mountains.”  I have several friends who are going through very difficult, very challenging, very frightening times in their lives.  We’ve all had trying moments, and we all use different mechanisms to get us through.  Some trials and difficult times linger, others pass rather quickly and a new day dawns with a fresh outlook.  No matter the situation, it is hard to stay strong, it is often difficult to stay focused, and more often than not it is easy to get angry at God or others because “things” aren’t getting better or happening fast enough.  I write tonight’s blog for all of us who have had these feelings.  Don’t give up.  Remember, “faith does move mountains.”  God may have a different plan than we have, he may have a different timeline than we have, but he will get us through.  Chances are, he is probably working towards the solution and we don’t even realize it.  It could be as simple as putting us in front of someone else who is also struggling and because of what we are going through, we are now able to help the other person.  It could be that without certain people in our lives, the situation could have been much worse – less tolerable.  It could be that we simply have to struggle for a while so that God knows we will depend on him, and continue to pray to him.  It could be that God wants us to realize how many blessings we really do have in our lives despite the challenges and heartache.  I can’t answer why God does what he does, or why his timelines often seem so very long, but my dear, wise friend once said that being on earth is our purgatory.  We go through hardships and loss so that we look to God, are good people, care for others, pray for others, serve others, and look forward to Heaven.  The ultimate peace and glory.

Keep the faith! Be strong!  Keep fighting!  Keep climbing!  You will reach the Peak!





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