Kid’s Bedroom Makeovers – Closets, Wall Decor and More

Sharing ideas.  I love to share ideas.  To learn what others are doing, and to share what I’ve done that may be of use or helpful to others.   Tonight I share with you ideas for creating functional work/storage spaces in kid’s rooms as well as ideas for wall decor.  The bedrooms in our home are not large.  For years we’ve just dealt with the clutter and the boys have tolerated not having desks and done their homework elsewhere.  All of these have worked fine, but with much prompting for desks, we decided to finally make-over the kid’s rooms.  One room had a rather large closet compared to the size of the room.  We didn’t need the entire closet for storage so we decided to take half of the closet and convert it into a desk and bookshelf.  In the other bedroom, we had a corner unit built to accommodate a desk and bookshelf.  This was a great exercise in purging.  We gave away so many books, clothes, and toys!  It was refreshing and once the flooring, desks and shelves and painting were complete we felt like everything was new.  The boys are now using the rooms for studying and doing homework and the rooms are much less cluttered.

In addition to increasing the functional space in the two rooms, we also decided to change the wall decor.  I had several prints that I knew I wanted to have printed by Graphics on the Wall: for each room.  The boys loved my ideas, but they also had ideas of their own.  They had a little photography night at home where they brought out footballs, basketballs, lacrosse sticks and skis and took pictures.  In addition, we had a collection of images they had each taken previously to choose from.  It was actually a bonding experience for the boys as they each chose photographs that the other had taken to be printed and adorn their walls.  The prints in my daughter’s room were shots I took of her and the ballet slippers she wore in her first dance recital.  Her involvement was getting to select which wall each print was hung on.  We didn’t exactly agree, but I let her have her way since it was her room, and they look great!  She is very proud of them.

The paint selections were made by the kids.  The boys each wanted three paint colors – we did compromise a bit. 😉  There was space enough for that in one room, but not the other.  Each room has an accent wall, and the shelves are accented with the bright colored paint as well.  The rooms feel fun with the bright color on the wall to welcome you in.

Window treatments are still to be determined….

Enjoy seeing my ideas, and please feel free to write a comment and send ideas my way!

The Keepsakes

The Corner Unit and Wall Art by Mom and Brother (B'ball)

Game Day by Mom

In the Game by Mom

Three Favorite Sports - Golf by brother. And the closet converted to functional space.


2 thoughts on “Kid’s Bedroom Makeovers – Closets, Wall Decor and More

  1. Hi Robyn-Ive been following your blog and love this idea of your photos for your boys rooms! I’d love to do the same for Ian’s- what a great idea. What size did you do the LAX & football ones at?

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