Don’t Look Back

The phrase “don’t look back” is somewhat common.  Have you ever said it?  Has anyone ever said it to you?  Life is full of history, both good and bad.  Sometimes it is easy to focus on the past and wish we could change it.  But the reality is that  focusing on the past won’t change it and chances are, we’d make the same mistake twice.  I think it is imperative to focus on the present and the future and “not look back”,  The reason?  If we hadn’t made the decisions we made, and the past hadn’t been what is was, we wouldn’t be where we are today.  I guess my point is, cherish the good that came out of past experiences and try not to “look back” on past mistakes, or regrets.

Today’s image is of the reflection of the blue sky and a landscape in the tinted car window as seen reflected in the side view mirror.

Reflection Times 2

Reflection Times 2 in Black and White

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