A friend told me a cute story today that I thought was perfect for sharing, especially since I had a photo to accompany it.  Once, years ago, when she lived in Switzerland, she took her infant son and toddler daughter for a walk down a country lane.  The infant was in the backpack infant carrier and the toddler was walking along holding her mother’s hand.  They stopped alongside a fence that had cows on the opposite side of it.  A rather large cow came to the fence and stared through it as though looking directly at the little girl.  The little girl’s eyes became huge and her face had a look of utter fear as though she was thinking “What is that beast, and is it going to hurt me?” Can’t you just see it?

For weeks after this experience, the little girl awoke in the middle of the night crying.  When my sweet, and very tired friend would go into her daughter’s room she would be pointing off some place in the room saying “mooo”.  The cow had frightened her so much that she was having bad dreams about it.  I’m sure most parents reading this tonight have had similar experiences with their own children at one time or another. I know I have.  This story reminded me of how frightened my second son was of Scooby Doo!

A Not So Frightening Cow

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