The Friend we Made Today

On our way home from Joshua’s championship lacrosse match today (they won!) I was observing the light around us and noticed this beautiful farm. I asked John to stop so that I could take a few pictures.  As I was taking pictures of the swans and the barn, Samuel yells – “there’s an ostrich!”.  We kind of thought “whatever, he must be being silly”, but then Joshua said it too.  Then John and I saw it.  I believe it was an emu, not an ostrich, but it was exciting to see it – it doesn’t take much to excite us!  John began to whistle and it turned it’s head, tried to figure out where the sound was coming from, then began to strut toward us (it was fenced in so not literally).  It was so funny to watch it’s head turn and it’s neck stretch as we called out to it.  I would love to know what it was thinking.  The boys thought it was hilarious.

Hmmm. I heard something.

I'm going to check it out!

I just can't figure it out...I'll keep going until I find it!

Ah ha! Humans again!

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