Daisy is 3

Daisy, our  now three year old Goldendoodle, joined our family in May of 2009.  She has been a wonderful addition to our family despite the craziness she adds.  For the most part she is a good dog. Truly she only has one fault, well, two, no make that three.  She eats everything under the sun that she shouldn’t have.  How we have not had to have golf gloves, socks, rubber bracelets, shoes, etc. surgically removed from her gastrointestinal tract is nothing short of a miracle.  Her more recently developed fault is barking.  It took her about 2 and a half years to find her voice, but she has mastered it.  She scares us all half to death sometimes when she very suddenly sees something and begins her song of ferocity.  Those visiting our kitchen think she is madly in love with me because she never leaves my side.  What they don’t realize is that she knows who the chef is.  If I drop something she gets to it before I do.  If I happen to walk away after taking a pan of cookies out of the oven, she eats them.  Whatever is left unattended she believes is left there for her – she has devoured dinners, cakes, trays of cookies, and more when I’ve had to leave the room for just a moment.  She knows no boundaries in the kitchen despite our efforts to teach her.

We love her though and she is truly a member of our family.  She makes us laugh, and in fact, makes a lot of people smile.  When we take her in the car her favorite way to ride is with her two front paws on the console with her head sticking out of the sunroof.   She definitely makes heads turn and smiles beam when people notice her.

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