Washington Saxophone Quartet

The Washington Saxophone Quartet recently visited Doylestown for a “Weekend of Saxophone”.  I had the honor of attending and photographing three events at which they played beautiful, fun, inspiring music for various audiences.  This is ONE of my favorite images of the quartet taken Saturday evening at the Mercer Museum.  The quartet played in front of a crowd of approximately 80 people attending a fundraiser for two music programs in Buck’s County.  More images will follow later in the week.

To learn more about the Washington Saxophone Quartet please visit their website at: http://www.wsaxq.com/.

To learn more about the Mercer Museum, please visit: http://www.mercermuseum.org/.

To learn more about the “Weekend of Saxophone”, it’s sponsor, and the organizations benefiting from it, please visit: http://www.weekendofsax.org/.

The Washington Saxophone Quartet – A casual pose, relaxed and having fun in front of the camera after posing for MANY photos.

And in Color…..

2 thoughts on “Washington Saxophone Quartet

    • I would agree Rich. Have a wonderful day. I have a handful of images from the weekend posted on my website, but the remainder will be up in about a week. I’ll drop you an email once they are all posted.

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