Moving On….

Joshua graduated from 6th grade tonight.  He is now off to middle school…how did that happen so quickly?  The celebration ceremony was so nice.  The kids sang several songs, one of which was “Forever Young”.  They did a beautiful job and the lyrics are so applicable to these young girls and boys who have so many life experiences ahead of them.  One thing that especially moved me during the ceremony was when a boy who has been with this group of approximately 150 kids since kindergarten walked across the stage.  You can’t imagine the joy on his face, his smile was worth more than life itself.  The applause from the other students and the crowd was overwhelming.  It brought me to tears to hear and see the love and support of this boy who has Down Syndrome.  It was obvious that these students, even though young, have empathy, and love in their hearts.  It was a joy to have witnessed their support for this boy. I remember Joshua telling me about him, but I haven’t had the opportunity to meet him when visiting the school, but wish I had because he certainly seemed like a gem of a person, a person who touched the lives and hearts of many students and people.

Another thing that impressed me was how many students were recognized for academic achievement.  It was evident  that the Central Buck’s School District is a wonderful school district with caring, motivated, and inspiring teachers.  We are so proud of Joshua for working so hard and being so diligent with his academic work and for receiving the President’s Award for Academic Excellence  (signed by none other than President Obama).   I hope it doesn’t seem as though I am boasting, I’m not, I’m just so happy for Joshua – he’s truly worked very hard to be the student he is and it is nice to see him rewarded for his efforts.

Our Big Fella!

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