Optimism and the Hot Air Balloon

“Optimism is invaluable for the meaningful life. With a firm belief in a positive future you can throw yourself into the service of that which is larger than you are.” – Martin Seligman –

The balloon in the images below was preparing for flight when I dropped Samuel off at lacrosse practice this evening.  Josh, Gracie and made a quick trip to the bookstore, and returned to the park just in time to get to see the balloon lifting off the ground.  The balloon made me think of the above quote.  The optimism of a successful flight and the fact that the balloon is so much larger than we are, but not necessarily the things we can do if we throw ourselves into the service of helping others.

Just after lift off.  The optimism of a successful journey with beautiful views.

Up, up, and away! Notice the sunset shining on the left side of the balloon.  This shot was taken after the balloon went over the tree line.  

One thought on “Optimism and the Hot Air Balloon

  1. Love the Martin Seligman quote at the beginning. What could be more optimistic and uplifting (pardon the pun) than a hot air balloon?

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