The Mystery of Self

This image was taken in a small New York City Restaurant.  One wall of the restaurant was covered with a vintage mirror.

Self portrait in vintage mirror.  The quality of the mirror (scratches, bows, etc.) distorts the image and makes it have a mysterious, almost supernatural feel.




5 thoughts on “The Mystery of Self

  1. Love this!! I almost did not realize you were in that mirror– took a few moments !! Also love the image of the woman you did capture — very natural and pensive. Excellent!! I need to get back to some self-portraits — it’s fun isn’t it?! I have a few with a similar effect I did looking into the reflection of a window on a Ferry Boat — I’ll see if I can get you the links – was a while back!! Fantastic work Robyn!!

    • Just left you comments on each image. Love them!!! Now that I read you were on your way home from your daughter’s graduation the second one has even more allure. I thought it was mystical. Now I’m realizing the stance has more of a “that chapter is closed, what’s next?” feel. Fabulous images! Thank you for sharing.

  2. Thanks Robyn. It is fun to capture ourselves once in a while. So glad you liked it. The woman in the photo is a dear friend of mine who shares a love of photography and enjoys day trips and adventures as much as I do. I’ll look forward to seeing your images from the Ferry Boat. Have a terrific day.

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