The Zinnia

Zinnia in the Victorian era language of flowers meant “I mourn your absence”.  Today, my sister and her family are mourning the death of her father-in-law.  Cancer took another good soul from Earth, but heaven gained a saint.  I’m quite certain my father was at Heaven’s gate to greet Clifford with a big grin, a joke about St. Patrick, and a firm handshake.

I chose this particular Zinnia to photograph specifically for this post because I felt it held symbolism to accompany the meaning.  The hard light represents the overabundance of hardships experienced during life on earth.  Hardships Clifford no longer has to endure.  The face of the Zinnia gazing upward toward the sky represents Clifford’s climb to a better, peaceful, heavenly resting place.  The vibrant yellow is to offer cheer to my sister and her family, and those who are grieving the earthly loss of a good man.

Peace, love, and blessings to the Martin family.

Zinnia – “I Mourn Your Absence”

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