As the Sun Rises….

As the sun rises….

Still hidden.

On the horizon.


Already hiding, but leaving it’s footprint.

It’s risen and after a standing ovation, the audience is moving on.



I love how the colors change as the sun and clouds change the availability and angle of light, both in the sky and on land.  Even the sand looks warmer once the sun has risen and it’s rays have embraced the earth and sea.


6 thoughts on “As the Sun Rises….

  1. ooo – these are amazing. I feel as though I got to be there for the sunrise showing!! I am rarely up early enough for this – so special treat – and loved your narrative ~ just perfect!
    Thank you dear Robyn – this has inspired me to greet the day earlier – which means I must get to sleep before 3!! xo

    • Thanks Gunta! I typically am not up for sunrise either but it was something special my husband and I did the last day of vacation. I wish I had a great place to photograph sunset.

  2. I love the sea and you captured it’s early morning beauty amazingly. especially in the first shot, which is my favourite. it pays off to be a early riser sometimes 🙂

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