“42 Could Be”

Forty-two hours with 42 friends

who travel 42 miles that boast 42 smiles.

Forty-two ways to spend 42 days in which there may be

forty-two times to spare 42 dimes.

Forty-two years with only 42 tears would be a blessing

experienced by only 42 doves paired for 42 loves.

Forty-two hives representing the chaos of 42 lives influenced by

Forty-two verses read to overcome the heartache of 42 curses.

Forty-two pages representing the ages.

Copyright Robyn Graham

“42 Could Be”

9 thoughts on ““42 Could Be”

    • Hi Lori. The image was taken in between Stockton and Frenchtown last weekend during a family bike ride. When deciding what to post about today I came across the image in my files, sat and thought for a few minutes, and the words subsequently came to me. Glad that you found it compelling.

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