Life is a Journey…

The Tree-Lined Drive

Life is a journey and it may be:

A walk down a tree-lined drive, or an uphill ride,

A run through a field of grain, or a dance, cheek to cheek, in the rain,

A slide down a rugged mountain side, or a struggle with pain, when there is no gain,

A fight that seems to put out the light, a time, hand-in-hand, listening to our favorite band,

A tour of miles that brings many smiles, no matter the route, or the times we pout,

We’ll experience loss, we’ll experience grief, we’ll be each others comfort and relief,

We’ll use our faith to work through any plight, we’ll cherish our love through all types of weather,

Life is a journey, let’s make it together.

Copyright Robyn Graham

6 thoughts on “Life is a Journey…

  1. Robyn, lovely shot and what fabulous poem this is!! It just takes the reader on that journey you speak of – and makes us feel very connected to both nature and our fellow-journey travelers 🙂 ~ This is such a supportive piece for me to read today — Such a gift, just like you are dear friend. Thank you also for the incredible comment you left me earlier — I will write you at my place soon – but know meant sooo much. You are a treasure — am so enjoying your blog posts here!! Much Love, Robyn Lee

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