Those who have been following my blog know of my love for flowers and their meanings or representation of life.  Today’s post includes an acrostic poem using one of the definitions or representations of, or uses for, Lavender, the subject in today’s image.


Many of our


Salvage us from

Tribulations by

Reminding us of

Unity necessary for

Survival and


copyright Robyn Graham

Lavender for Mistrust

7 thoughts on “Lavender

  1. I love what you did with this image Robyn — just mystical. Did not know lavender represented mistrust — wow! I do love lavender – but I trust everyone!! 🙂 Wonder what that means. Now I will have to do some research on this fragrant bloom ~ such a soothing scent – -and photo. Hope you are enjoying the weekend ~ RL

  2. hmmm just did a quick search – maybe you meant to use lavender when you feel mistrust? is that the concept… says it means forgiveness, peace, serenity — I can see how that would be!

  3. Thank you for your comments Robyn. Flowers have many meanings and representations. I used a reference adapted from research of the Victorian Language of Flower Era. In the dictionary I used it had mistrust next to lavender. As I love lavender, and I tend to trust everyone, just like you do, I would like to believe it is for use when mistrust is a burden on the heart. I can’t imagine giving the special bloom as a gift if mistrust is the meaning to be conveyed. In addition, I have it growing near my front door, wouldn’t that be an oxymoron? Perhaps I should have used representation of mistrust vs. definition in my language above. I’m rethinking this….Thanks for the insight. It’s funny as I look back at the poem though, it has more of an inference of using lavender to give peace and unity if mistrust were to be an emotion of the day, or how mistrust can actually save a situation from arising… many thoughts! XO Robyn

    • So interesting, and I love to learn ~ so this was just a great post all around. I agree that I think Lavender must be the remedy to turn to when we feel a sense of mistrust coming up. It makes so much sense. I will be taking my essential oil of lavender with me on all my doctor appointments coming up!! As you so intuitively said, I trust everyone — just my nature – but in the realm of my medical care – this trait has been tested and challenged big time. So I will continue to work on that … and turn to this fragrant bloom for some assistance. Lovely — and thanks so much for sharing this – and for your stunning image above!! You are a gem Robyn ~ x

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