Hedge Balls

During our walk yesterday we found many Hedge Balls.  The balls fall from Hedge trees and when one hits the roof of the car it is pretty startling.

There are a few old myths about Hedge balls.  One is that Hedge balls keep crickets away.   Farmers use to put them in their basements and elsewhere in their homes to prevent crickets from setting up camp.  Legend also has it that the balls keep spiders away.

True or false?

False.  I read further that people found crickets living under the Hedge balls and scientists who have been studying the properties of the Hedge ball have not found evidence that the balls repel spiders.

The Hedge balls may also have been used as pig feed.  I didn’t find anything confirming this though.  And Native Americans used the wood from the Hedge trees to make bows.

Hedge ball lodged in tree branches.

Hedge ball in black and white. I liked the contrast and it looks mysterious.

As part of their science observation, the boys cut a couple of the Hedge balls open. They smelled sweet, had seeds that look like melon seeds, and had a sticky white liquid in them.

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