Chipped Paint

There are moments when life appears to be nothing more

Than the mirror image

Of a wall of chipped paint.

It may be the sorrow experienced through loss, anger, or rage.

Or maybe the surge of pain that made you faint.

But do not despair,

For when life feels fragmented or blue,

And we need another hue,

There is something we can do;

Scrape off the broken pieces,

Pick up a brush,

And dip into the paint,

For it’s never too late for our hearts to reacquaint.

Perhaps our brush can be found in the form of a hug,

Or a prayer that we say while kneeling on the beside rug.

Could it be as simple as a natural brush,

Immersed in warm color that allows anxieties to hush?

No matter your brush, your stroke, or your faith,

My prayer is for you to gain strength from the

Chips that land in your way.

copyright Robyn Graham

A Wall of Chipped Paint

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