Generations of Blessings

“A grandma’s heart is a patchwork of love.” – Anonymous –

My 89 year old great grandmother and my  daughter.  Generations of blessings.

My 89 year old grandmother and my daughter. Generations of blessings.

The tragedy that took place Friday has left me thinking more and more about how dear my family is to me.  I have always known that of course and I have never intentionally taken them for granted, but when life is flying by, I don’t take time to consider how blessed I am as often as I should.  I think most of the world today is the same. Everyone I talk to is SO busy.

Especially during this Christmas season, I hope that all people who are blessed with family will take the time to love them, to reach out and hug them, hold their hand, and let them know how strong your love for them is.  Love is an everlasting bond and when thinking about Christmas, it is my prayer that all remember that love is at the heart of the meaning of this ever so special holiday.  The first gift of love came from God above, let’s treasure it, and share it.

Love flows from generation to generation.  No one is too old or too young to need to know they are loved.


4 thoughts on “Generations of Blessings

  1. Thank you Robyn for this post. It is so very true. My heart was broken on Friday while I watched that unfold and I agree wholeheartedly that everyone is much too busy. We should all take a step back, make one less trip to the mall, and bake some cookies and have tea with friends, instead.

  2. Absolutely Kim. Making memories is part of love and I know our children will appreciate those little moments such as baking cookies…those moments we give them when they have our attention, and we aren’t rushing from activity to activity. Thanks for taking time to comment. Blessings, Robyn

  3. What a beautiful photo of these 2 generations Robyn.

    Very much agree with your sentiments — appreciating our blessings should be our focus, and being present with loved ones is the the best gift one could give.

    Abundant Love to you and yours this holiday season.
    x RL

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