A Trio of Daisy’s

“The silence often of pure innocence persuades when speaking fails.”- William Shakespeare

Silence of Innocence

Silence of Innocence

10 thoughts on “A Trio of Daisy’s

    • Thank you dearest Robyn. I enjoyed your blog today too…what a beautiful creature you captured and your poem was incredible. I like your new gravatar! XOXO

      • thanks so much Robyn ! I’m so glad you enjoyed my loving lion –
        a this is another i phone selfie — more serious looking – but hey ~ life is a mix right? xxoo

      • Absolutely! Life is a mixture of emotions! It is a beautiful image of you, but I have to say it was surprising to see you with lighter hair and no smile. I hope you are doing well and your efforts in The Windy City are paying off! Blessings to you! Robyn

  1. lol ~ lighter hair is an illusion — was sitting in front of big window at Star Bucks, and had this washout effect — liked that the lines faded and the hair got bright 🙂 ~ it’s still light brown – some highlights but blonde is not for me… Yes – very cold here and snowy – one more week of therapy — no regrets though progress is slow… excellent learning though so most grateful for the experience. Thank you so much for all your support — xxoo

    • That is too funny! Beautiful all the same. No regrets is good! Keep working and repeating positive thoughts. Everything has a beginning, but determination and spirit can change the outcome. Progress will happen my dear. I have confidence in you! XO

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