The World Spins

The World Spins

Stress Enters.

Life becomes overwhelming.

Stress becomes life.

The world spins.

We forget to breath.

The world spins.

Then suddenly,

The spinning slows.

And we stop,

And breath.

Once again

Light guides us forward,

And we carry on.

Carry on.

copyright Robyn Graham

The World SpinsImage taken while hiking in Northern Idaho, March 2013.


23 thoughts on “The World Spins

  1. ooo- i love this shot — and it’s perfect for your message; That feeling when the world just won’t stop spinning. That is when it’s time to breathe deep and find the center again – and as you say “carry on” — Amazing post! ~xRL

    • Thank you Robyn. The light was working with me that day! So true about those days we need extra deep breaths. I hope you have had a day where those were not necessary but that you simply carried on! Much love and many hugs to you! R-

  2. Fantastic! It’s like when you’re small and you spin around and around and around and the world starts spinning with you and you fall to the ground and everything still spins and dances. Really wonderful motion here.

    • Thanks Charles! I am looking forward to seeing the post you put up today….I always love new recipes! I hope the rest of your weekend is fabulous! Robyn

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