Sweet and Lovely

In the Victorian Language of Flowers the white carnation can represent the following list of words or combination of words:

ardent love



pure love

a woman’s good luck gift





I hope your weekend is full of sweet and lovely experiences!

Blessings, Robyn

16 thoughts on “Sweet and Lovely

    • Kind thanks to you Linda. Isn’t it fun to learn new things. You’ll look at carnations in a different light now. Have a fabulous day! Robyn

  1. so many are critical of the carnation (in flower arrangements and such) but I have always loved them. Lovely, lovely photos!

    • Thank you ever so much Nita! I appreciate our kind words. I’m doing well and hope you are too. I’ve been so incredibly busy of late that I haven’t been blogging or visiting others’ blogs much. I stopped by tonight though…that Molly is pretty special! Love to you and wishes for a fabulous weekend! Robyn

      • Ah we are living the same life as of late it would seem. I’ve been so busy with a new job that I’ve not had any time to blog or like you, visit others that I love. I’m spending this evening doing just that & very happy about it =) Thank you for liking Molly! She really is very special. Enjoy your weekend too!

      • I’m not sure how I missed this comment Nita…so sorry for the delay. I hope that by now you are settled into the new job and things are going well. I sure did like Molly – adorable! Blessings, Robyn

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