Dogwood Flowers

On May 30th of 2012 I wrote a post about the Legend of the Dogwood Tree.  Please see the post and learn more about the history of the beautiful Dogwood flowers posted this evening.  You can access the post by typing in “Dogwood” in the search bar to the right, or by using the calendar on the right.  I apologize, but for some reason the hyperlink is not working….hmmm…

Am I Different to You?

Am I Different To You?

One meaning of the Dogwood in the Victorian Language of Flowers

Vintage Dogwood

Vintage Dogwood

As found on the tree.

Love undiminished by Adversity

Love undiminished by adversity.

Another meaning of the Dogwood in the Victorian Language of Flowers.

Dogwood Strong and Proud

Dogwood Strong and Proud

Dogwood Shadows

 Dogwood Shadows

 Dogwood at Sunset

Dogwood at Sunset

18 thoughts on “Dogwood Flowers

  1. Stunning shots Robyn ~ could not open the link to the May 2012 post – maybe my computer as we are having issues all day today ~ new router needed. These were a treat though ~ Thank you dear one!! x RL

    • Thank you so very much Robyn. Thanks for letting me know about the link as well. I just tried to fix it but am not having in luck. The good news is it isn’t your computer. I modified the post because I cannot seem to get the hyperlink to work. 😦
      Have a beautiful day despite the rain and storms hammering the East Coast. Love and blessings, Robyn

    • Good morning Cottage on Strawberry! No book yet, but it is my hope and dream. Hopefully within the next year. Thank you so much for your kind words. You are motivating to move more quickly on this task. Blessings, Robyn

  2. Incredible images! Dogwoods are a favorite. We planted one in our yard when we first bought our house over 20 years ago. Just last year we lost it in a hurricane and I was so sad. I plan to buy another one before this summer is through. Thank you so much for sharing these beautiful blossoms!

    • My pleasure Susan! So sorry to hear that you lost your Dogwood in one of the hurricanes. What a shame. I’m glad you could at least enjoy my blooms even if only virtually. Have a wonderful evening. Robyn

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