2013 Lily Series – 12

Joyful Magesty

Joyful Majesty

Joyful Majesty in black and white

Joyful Majesty In Black and White

Joyful = the color yellow

Majesty = a meaning of the Lily in the Victorian Language of Flowers

I had to post both images because…

I loved the cheerfulness of the yellow and the feeling of joy it brought me, especially in the warm glow of the sun.  The black and white, however, moved me as well and I loved the contrast.

2 thoughts on “2013 Lily Series – 12

  1. Yes – I always love the contrast of seeing your photograph in both b&w and color Robyn! This is no exception. The b&w seems mysterious and exotic – and the color bright and exuberant. It’s wild how the treatment of the photo can change the entire mood. Beautiful!!! x RL

    • It is so true Robyn, that the conversion to black and white can completely alter the mood/interpretation of an image. I love your new Gravatar!!! Blessings to you! Robyn

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