Golden Peace

A wave of grace

Washes over the soul

As the golden glow

Of the sun recedes

Beyond the horizon.

A wave of golden warmth

Moves the heart

And stirs the emotions

Of then and now,

Of loves lost and gained,

For people who’ve come and gone

With the ebb and flow

Of the waves of life

Flowing near and far

Tempting the soul to grasp

The glory of the golden peace

That often lies beyond our reach.

Until, at last,

We concede to accept

The love and peace

Offered by –

The divine.

copyright Robyn Graham

Golden Peace

Golden Peace

24 thoughts on “Golden Peace

    • Laurie, Thanks so much for taking time to comment. I’m so happy to know you enjoyed the image. I hope you enjoy a feeling of peace throughout your week! Robyn

  1. I’ve noticed I don’t often tend to use a lot of pastels (for some strange reason)… but some subjects were just made for them! Absolutely beautiful, Robyn. Such a wonderfully calming feel…

    • Thanks so much Robert! I don’t know that I use a lot of pastels either, but I shot this particular sunset multiple ways and just fell in love with the softness and peacefulness of the pastel image vs. the bright, deep, saturated colors of the other images. So happy to know it left you feeling peaceful! Enjoy the week! Robyn

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