Pressure is On


It is dark in the world at times

Life drags and there are no rhymes

Isn’t this my prime?



Pressure is on.

I struggle through on days

Where it seems all are angry

And Gray.



Pressure is on.

People argue

Someone’s to blame

Life can seem so lame.



Pressure is on.

Someone smiles

From across the hall

I no longer feel like crawling up in a ball.



Take pressures away.

An “A”

I am on my way

To success for another day.


High fives

Take pressures away.

I no longer feel life is taking a dive.

I see the light

I am going to thrive.



Take pressures away.

The light at the end of the tunnel

Sends me beams of hope

Life is not a funnel*.



Take pressures away.

I’m not spiraling down

I am pushing through

Without a frown.



Take pressures away.

I jump

Life gives way

I begin to enjoy the day.



Take pressures away.

I jump,


I’m over the hump,

I smile,


Copyright Robyn Graham

 *funnel: a smokestack, esp. of a steamship. – Random House Dictionary

Pressure is ON

Pressure is On – A Silhouette

Jump in Silhouette

Jump I  – A Silhouette – Take Pressures Away

Jump in Silhouette II

Jump II – A Silhouette – I Smile Awhile

8 thoughts on “Pressure is On

    • It is a covered bridge in Bucks County, PA JJ. The person in the image is my son. We were out hiking on a beautiful day and I took some silhouette shots. The words came later…A beautiful passage you shared! Blessings, Robyn

  1. Very nicely written and expressed.

    Sometimes we forget, as parents, how much pressure our children place on themselves, and the amount of outside pressure they face.

    • It’s true David, especially if our children are independent and self-motivated. They have many pressures these days! I don’t remember it being this way when I was young! Blessings, Robyn

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