More from NYC…

More from my adventures in NYC with my daughter…using our little point and shoot; Sony Cyber Shot – No pro-camera along for a day with my little one.

Scooby Scooby – the horse that led our carriage ride around Central Park

Alone and Thoughtful in Central ParkAlone and Thoughtful in Central Park

Reflections with Cigars and the GameReflections with Cigars and the Game

Skating Under the TreeSkating Under “the Tree”

17 thoughts on “More from NYC…

  1. You probably had one of the last carriage rides through Central Park Robyn, the new mayor is stopping them. Great shots and it just goes to show the best camera is the one you have with you. Enjoy your evening 😀

    • That is so disappointing Joe! I hate to hear that. What are all of those carriage drivers going to do for work? It is such a joy to ride through the park…especially when it is snowing at dusk and the lights are on. Thanks for your compliment on the pictures! Enjoy the day! Robyn

      • I know it is sad but I guess the new mayor has something against horses or carriages. It is beautiful to ride through the park in one of them. Thank you and enjoy your day also Robyn 😀

  2. Beautiful shots Robyn. I don’t know that I could have pulled off such beautiful photographs with a point and shoot…love them in black and white. New York is at it’s best during the holidays, I’m happy you were able to enjoy with your daughter!

    • Thanks Elisa! Since I had no control over aperture, shutter speed and ISO I focused on composition…just made the best of the tools I had to work with! 😉

  3. These are so wonderful, Robyn. A terrific variety, and in each picture I feel like I’m right there. Ansel Adams would be impressed with what you accomplish with a point and shoot camera and black and white film!

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