Still Winter

If you are like me, you are tiring of all of the winter images of snow, ice, and cold drab days…despite those feelings, however, I still love the beauty of snow.   I love the fact that when it snows the winter world seems brighter and full of hope.  Sunlight is a necessity of happiness to many and the snow helps brighten our world when the days seem long and dark.

We had a little over 13 inches of snow yesterday!  My children were out all day and of course had the times of their lives.   Snow aids to winter creativity.  The opportunities in snow are endless and if there is something to do in snow, kids will find it and enjoy it.  My boys spent most of the day with friends but my daughter had fun with my husband and I here at home.  Here are just a few images of our time outside.

Sparseness of WinterSparseness of Winter

The One and Only PoseThen One and Only Pose

All FunAll Fun Catching Snowflakes on the Tongue…And Eyelids

Colors of WinterColors of Winter

45 thoughts on “Still Winter

  1. As always, Robyn, wonderful photography. It’s still snowing, blowing and howling here in Colorado, and the Mor-Mor in me (term for Mother’s Mother in Swedish) is still smiling at the darling snow adventure. Kids and snow, ah, a perfect combination. Thank you for the warm smiles.

    • Thank you Marylin! And stay warm and dry! By the way, do you know of any good dude ranches in CO? We have been researching them for a potential family vacation this summer. Any recommendations? Have you heard anything about any of them?

  2. Oh, to have the knees of a 5(?)-year-old again and to be able to do that again without a second thought! (Such as, OK, you’ve gotten down here, with your camera in one hand; how the #3<< are you going to get up again?) Absolutely love the unbounded exuberance in your third shot!

    • I know what you mean! Her little six year old legs are so agile. Mine would be aching for sure if I knelt in the snow like that. Oh to be young again! Thanks so for taking time to comment!

  3. I’m tired of snow and bitter cold, too…but I also enjoy the beauty of snow. I like how you described it as “full of hope”, which your images also convey.

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