Tiny Miracle

Tiny Miracle of LoveTiny Miracle of Love

Yes, I know….another image of snow!  But, I felt this image warranted a post to itself.  Do you see what I captured?  I was using a narrow depth of field which was a mistake, but I still managed to capture a miraculous sight.  Be sure and look at at the snowflake in the lower righthand corner of the image.  I thought it was special to have captured this particular snowflake in the month of February!

20 thoughts on “Tiny Miracle

    • So happy to know that Joe. I debated whether or not to post it b/c my DOF really should have been larger. We are going on our 10th hour without power in the cold and ice this evening though and I thought it was a great reminder that where there is love, there is warmth! Thanks!

      • More depth of field would have blew the delicacy of the photo in my opinion. Sorry to hear you have been without power for 10 hours that must be horrible in this weather. You are correct where there is love there’s warmth, but bundle up anyway until the power comes back on 😀

      • Glad you think so too Joe! Being with out power is a bummer….but playing dominoes under candle light with the kids was priceless. Looking at the evening as a memory making experience…..now time to bundle up with layers of blankets!

  1. It’s beautiful, Robyn. A perfect heart, and when I first looked at the picture I thought there was a faint image of a cross in the frost, too. You capture the most wonderful images!
    I hope you have power soon.

    • Thank you Marylin! It’s like two little miracles all rolled up in one image! I just love capturing the little miracles sent from above – I think God intended it to be so! Still no power….brrr! The power company is saying by 11pm on 2/9! There are over 600,000 people in the Philadelphia region without power, 40% of our county. The ice really did a lot of damage – so many downed trees, roads closed and homes lost. I feel so sad for those who have lost homes, or who don’t have a place to go for warmth. Several warming shelters have been opened. Please pray for those with little ones they need to keep warm. We are thankful we have water and a gas stove. Our generator is keeping the sump pump going and the refrigerator’s working and allowing us to make coffee and charge electronics as necessary. We feel blessed! We are just hoping power is restored before the next projected storm hits over the weekend! Our kids are going to be in school through June with all of the missed days! XO

  2. I like this image a lot, so delicate and fragile; and abstract and concrete at the same time, perfectly balanced. – I wish it would snow here, but there’s only muddy rain to come… That’s an ugly winter so far here, ugh. I hope power is coming back soon for you!

    • So glad you like it Pixel! I don’t envy the dark, rainy, muddy days you are experiencing. At least the snow brightens things up a bit. Now if we could get power back all would be great! Stay warm and dry!

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