Vintage Vinyl

Vintage Vinyl and City Reflections

Vintage Vinyl and City Reflections

Remember these? Some of my favorite childhood memories include vinyl records.

“It was so exciting to go to the record shop and buy a piece of vinyl and hold it, read the liner notes, look at the pictures. Even the smell of the vinyl.” – Martin Gore

For those who don’t know, Martin Gore was with Depeche Mode.

34 thoughts on “Vintage Vinyl

    • It is awesome that you still have them Susan! I don’t know what happened to all of ours, but I do remember how thrilled I was when I received my very own record player for my birthday one year!

  1. Of course I remember vinyl, still have some from the late 60’s…I would have some from the 50’s, but at the time, they made great frisbees. 😉

  2. I still have many LPs from my young time. And i have still many 45’s but these are in a bad condition with too many scratches! And two years ago my wife and Santa brought me for Christmas a new record player…it’s a great emotion to listen to the old records…

  3. We discovered a diner in Abilene, KS–Sweet Daddy’s–and the walls are covered with posters, maps, 50s-60s magazine covers, and SO many 45s. We love to have breakfast, read titles and feel the years fall away! A stroll down memory lane, Robyn!

    • We love diners Marylin! When we travel, we always stop at diners to meet locals and get a feel for the local community. Sweet Daddy’s sounds so fun! Have a wonderful weekend! Robyn

  4. It’s interesting to note how in this digital age vinyl still remains in demand. CD sales are declining yet vinyl sales continue to grow. Nothing like the sound and of course the fantastic art work.

  5. Somehow, through all the many moves in my life, I have managed to keep my vinyl records and the thrill of putting that needle down, track after track, scratches and all, is enough to reduce me to tears. I love my records . . . sob!

  6. Still have my collection of vinyl, which, of course, includes Elvis. You can’t have a collection without Elvis. The only thing I don’t have is a turntable.

    • Of course, Elvis! We had may of those as well. Some of our favorites for sure! Those were the days! I’m so glad you still have your collection. Not sure what happened to ours.

  7. That quote is perfect … I do remember the thrill of a new album. In fact, I still have many of my old ones. Just sitting there …
    Fun image!

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