Swirls of Color

Swirls of Color

Swirls of Color


Is full

Of challenges,

And surprises.

As they come your way,

Swirl them

Through your thoughts.

Embrace them,

Let them color your world,

And enjoy them.

copyright Robyn Graham

Don’t worry, I did not waste good wine to create this image.  The image was taken the same day I was playing with oil and water to create abstract photographs.  To learn about that technique and see colorful oil and water images click here.

12 thoughts on “Swirls of Color

  1. Only you could photograph and write about marbles in a wine glass so vividly, and with a beautiful message, Robyn. I had a paperweight from Italy that contained a dozen small marbles similar to those in your post, and it was one of my favorite keepsakes from Italy until it disappeared from my dorm room desk in college. I guess it inspired someone else, too!

    • Thank you Marylin! That is such a shame that someone took your beautiful keepsake. I’m glad you at least still have the memory of it. Blessings, Robyn

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