Silence of Old

Silence of Old

Silence of Old


The image was titled referencing the meaning of the rose by color in the Victorian Language of Flowers.

30 thoughts on “Silence of Old

  1. The subtle tones and hues are beautiful, Robyn, wonderfully captured on film. I loved your title, too.
    For me (and my need for calm right now) made me want to borrow Simon and Garfunkle’s title, “Sounds of Silence.”

  2. Robyn, I love this post and photo, and it the timing for me personally, is perfect! I just finished reading a book called the Language of Flowers by Vanessa Diffenbaugh. My book group loved it … have you read it?

    • Hi Laurie! YES! I read it and loved it. My book club read it last year and I hosted. We all brought our favorite flowers and the we did arrangements…each arrangement with one of all of our favorites. I found the book very inspirational and I have always named my flowers based on the Victorian Language of Flowers so it was very symbolic for me as well! So glad you enjoyed it too! And thank you for your sweet compliment re: my image! XO

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