The Past Forgotten



The Past Forgotten

The Past Forgotten


As those of you who have been following for some time know, flowers are one of my favorite subjects and I love to work with the “Victorian Language of Flowers”.  In the “Victorian Language of Flowers”, the Lotus means: Estranged Love and Forgetful of the Past.

23 thoughts on “The Past Forgotten

  1. “Estranged love and forgetful of the Past”…I never thought of the lotus this way, but it’s a meaning that gives the flower a different shade of beauty. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Absolutely beautiful, Robyn. I love the colours of course, but more than those its a combination of the superb lighting, the petals’ shapes and their incredible textures. Very good photography! Adrian

  3. Robyn, I’ve not seen a lotus flower before. What a beautiful flower and your photograph is even more so.
    Have you read the “Language of Flowers” by Vanessa Diffenbaugh. It;s a wonderful novel with the Victorian Language of Flowers a prominent part

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