Grandma’s Hands

Grandma's Hands

Grandma’s Hands


“Wrinkles should merely indicate where smiles have been.”  – Mark Twain

The hands in the photograph, as the caption reads are my grandmothers.  She is 90 years young and I simply adore her!

30 thoughts on “Grandma’s Hands

    • Yes, Pat, her hands are so very soft and it was pure joy to watch her caress my daughter’s back when she was visiting a month ago. Truly special and I’ll tell her you sent hugs! XO

  1. If we were in a drawing class, we’d all be paying attention to every work-earned crease and wrinkle, Robyn. This is a stunning picture. It reminds me so much of my grandmother’s hands, except her fingernails were shorter and often ragged from scrubbing bathtub, sinks and floors with her mix of baking powder, borax and boiled water. It had to be boiled–I don’t know why.
    See the memories you evoke!!!

    • I love wrinkles, Marylin – maybe not all of my own, but I think people think I’m crazy when they ask me to edit all of their wrinkles away in portraits. To me, each one tells a story. My Grandmother has always kept a spotless house and cleaned, and cleaned but for some reason she was always able to keep her nails looking nice. I can still remember the smell of her face cream and it’s use is probably what kept her hands looking so pretty. Have a wonderful week! XX

  2. Wow there’s so much here to love. So much emotion, so much story, so much life. I love this very much.

  3. Gorgeous image! Love it in black and white. How wonderful that you have captured the beauty in these hands- I just love this photo. I’ve enjoyed looking at your blog- your work is beautiful!

  4. Wonderful picture, Robyn, and the attached thoughts too. Mono is ideal for it, and placing her hands left of centre, with one wrist exiting the frame top left and the backdrop featureless black, is ideal. You are very lucky to have such a venerable granny! Good stuff! Adrian

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    • Thank you for visiting and taking time to comment Kat! So kind of you. I’m guessing maybe you found me through Don? I hope this post brought back happy memories! Enjoy the day

  6. I don’t know whether Stieglitz was (besides your grandmother) an inspiration for this photograph but it evokes for me memories of the years when I was enchanted by Stieglitz’s tender and tenacious love for O’Keefe as evidenced in his photographs of her, including those of her hands…this is such a beautiful testament to your love for your grandmother, Robyn. Kind regards, Vivian

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