Magic in the Garden

Zucchini Blossom

Zucchini Blossom

Zucchini BlossomThe garden sure is magical, isn’t it?

When working in the garden the other day I noticed the light drifting in and out of the zucchini vines.

As it danced it’s way around the garden I noticed how beautiful it was when resting upon the blossoms tucked deep inside the vines.

So yes, off I went to grab my camera and a macro lens!

If you are interested in seeing a zucchini blossom in black and white, be sure to visit Monochromia this Thursday.

Enjoy the day!

40 thoughts on “Magic in the Garden

  1. I’ve always liked the flowers on the courgette, marrow and cucumber plants. I guess they’re all related in some way. Lovely photographs. I’ve often wondered Robyn why here in the UK we use the french name for this vegetable, courgette, and in the US you use the Italian word for it.. you’d think somebody could come up with an English word for it and then there’d be no confusion. 🙂

  2. My zucchini vines look “almost” like these, Robyn. But you have a magical way of capturing the unexpected, the delightful “almost” images, the subtle turns and textures. These are vivid and wonderful!

  3. There is so much beauty in a garden, we hardly know where to look, so I’m hoping to see more of these from you 🙂
    Huge WOW and I miss my garden more than ever.

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