Hitch Hiking

Hitch Hiking

Hitch Hiking

For a shoot last week I brought out some props that I found at an antique shop.  So many ways to use these little treasures!  

More to come! 

27 thoughts on “Hitch Hiking

    • Hey Laura! Thanks so much! Yes, we use to see them on the road all the time on Interstate 64. Don’t see many any more. I’m not sure it was ever safe, but the world certainly isn’t conducive to it today! XO

      • You’re welcome! It really is a lovely picture and reminds me of the good ol’ days! The days of ignorance and bliss lol. 😉

    • Oh Emilio, such a caring heart you have! Hitch-hiking certainly has it’s dangerous and it would concern me for any woman. We don’t live in the world we use to! All my best, Robyn

  1. Love it too! She stands as though she hasn’t a care in the world – ooh and is there some determination thrown in? Perhaps this is just what I see. Enjoyable shot Robyn 🙂

  2. I was just looking at your slide show. Have to tell you what an amazing story teller you are with your camera. I especially liked the Nutcracker ballet shoes and the young girl reading Torah. But all of them are wonderful. I take a lot of my inspiration for stories and poems from photographs and paintings. I can sit a whole afternoon looking through a book of photographs. One of my favorite photography books is something called The Oxford Project. In the early eighties, the photographer Peter Feldstein asked all the residents of his town, Oxford, Iowa, to come in and let him take their picture. Most of the town did. Then twenty years later he asked those same residents back in for a new photo session. The book shows the residents side by side with their younger selves. You do great work. Keep it up.

  3. Wow, now here is something different – and its so good to see something different! And I like it very much. Its on the edge of being bizarre, and on the edge of being a parody, but you’ve very deftly held it back from those domains, Robyn.

    And somehow its very good that it has a sizeable depth of field, so that we can see the vegetation behind her, which suggests a desolate(?), rural location. And its good too that her head and upraised arm are against the darker vegetation, this gives them more prominence. And, finally, her face is only half seen, there is no eye contact, she is looking down the road, at the approaching vehicle.

    And finally and finally again, isn’t it sad that we are afraid of doing this now? A sad reflection of what we’ve come to, I think. Adrian

    • Oh how I love to read your thoughts on my work Adrian! Thank you ever so much for taking time to share them with me. And yes, it is so very sad, that what once was something scene, maybe not fully accepted, but scene, is no longer something of choice, but only necessity, and only in fear. Have a wonderful weekend my friend!

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