Pointe Shoe Series II

Pointe Shoe Series II


“Ballet is a dance executed by the soul.” –  Alexander Pushkin


38 thoughts on “Pointe Shoe Series II

  1. When my friend Merla was 16, these could have been her toe shoes hanging from a special peg on the wall of mirrors in her bedroom. Except hers had lamb’s wool stuffed inside, and the right slipper had a stain of blood.
    Your photograph brought back so many memories.

  2. So elegant. And such a wonderful tone to the photo. Conjures up so many different images in my mind of this lovely art form.

    I wanted to thank you for the trail of likes and your follow on my blog, Robyn, but couldn’t find a place to leave it. Hope it’s okay that I’ve done so here. I’m behind on my blog correspondence as I’ve been on the road, but what a lovely follow to come “home” to. I’m truly honored, and am absolutely delighted to be a new follower for you as well!

  3. Robyn, I had to rush right over from Monochromia, before heading out on the bike, to check out the ballet shoes. You are such an artist!

  4. Hi Robyn, thanks for dropping by and saying hi. I like this. Just wrapped up a joint show which featured a poem about a ballerina… we were looking for a pair of distressed pointe shoes to photograph to accompany it. These would have been perfect 🙂

  5. Beautiful as are all your pictures. I like the pointe shoes best probably due to the emotion of knowing my daughter is the one wearing them. The way you captured them still amazes me. I look at your gallery site and stare at them daily.

  6. I love the pictures of the pointe shoes. I stare at your gallery page daily. I think I like them best because Lydia wears THESE shoes :). You captured them in each picture with so much grace and finesse. These pictures amaze me as do all your photos.

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